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Data Centre / Disaster Recovery Site / Colocation Service

Whether you want your own data centre, or a more cost efficient option to store your crucial data at our colocation facility, we do our best to make sure all your requirements are met. Our facilities will serve as a disaster recovery site to ensure that your businesses can continue to run without interference, despite any case of data loss or hardware damage in your primary data centre.

Data Centre Design Consultation

We are here to help you find the best design and solutions for your data centre that will meet your requirements as well as align with your business objectives.

Turnkey solution

We design, build, operate and carry out maintenance of the data centre facilities and buildings as a whole package to ensure they meet the required quality standards and performance level and can be readily used by your business.

Data Centre Operator

We offer day-to-day running of data centre operations at the DC facilities that we have built, providing 24/7 service from our engineers who are well trained to ensure the safety and performance level of the whole data centre facility.

Tech refreshments & Maintenance services

We regularly update and enhance key elements of the DC and ICT infrastructures for you to maximise uptime, system performance and efficiency.